3 recent marketing trends pharma companies should learn from

3 recent marketing trends pharma marketers should learn from
3 recent marketing trends pharma marketers should learn from

As the health care industry continues to evolve and technology becomes more sophisticated, trends in pharmaceutical marketing change. Everything from marketing platforms to consumer-engagement strategies are modified as patient expectations alter and the Internet introduces new social media websites. A lot of businesses keep their eyes peeled for new trends or ones that are predicted for the future as not to be left behind and ensure they're implementing the most effective marketing campaigns. However, sometimes it's best to make sure your company is using the best current marketing trends before moving on to others.

Make sure that your company is implementing all of the most effective campaigns to attract your target audience before experimenting with new ones. After all, before you can get your company one step ahead of the game by starting future trends early, you have to use what you've learned from current trends to successfully implement new strategies. Here are a few recent trends that have emerged over the past few years, many of which are still popular today and should be incorporated into future campaigns.

1. Storytelling
Storytelling is a frequently used marketing tool, as it engages consumers and makes it easier for them to relate to the product being sold. However, storytelling in pharma marketing specifically is relatively new. It stems from the idea that patients should be more involved in their health. Providing a more relatable ad for the medicines patients invest in will help push patient engagement throughout the pharma industry.

One effective strategy that will efficiently integrate storytelling into your marketing mix is posting videos of real people who have used the products you're selling. Not only do Internet users respond better to images and videos than text alone, but you will establish a credible, trustworthy brand when you offer viewers a chance to hear about other customers' experiences using your product. Although storytelling is a marketing tool that emerged years ago, don't dismiss it as a past trend. Use it as a way to enhance your campaigns now and in the future, as patient-centered advertisements are likely to grow in popularity.

2. Social media
It seems like using social media to market products has been around for a long time now, but surprisingly enough, there's still a large number of pharma companies that have yet to take advantage of sites like Facebook and Twitter. One of the most advantageous aspects of marketing with social media is that it enables pharma businesses to interact with customers. Ask them to leave comments or share the experiences they had with your medications and how your products helped them. Have an active social media presence to respond and learn from communication with consumers.

If your company hasn't implemented a few social media promotions yet, consider creating a Facebook page that informs viewers about your business and the medications you sell. This will spread the word of your brand and products to the massive population that uses the Internet for health information, particularly millennials. Social media marketing isn't going to go away, so it's best to jump on the bandwagon before it's too late.

3. Mobile apps
Pharma marketing through mobile applications is nothing new. It's a trend that emerged in the pharma world a couple of years ago, so if you're scouring the Internet or looking to larger companies for brand new strategies, this may not pop up. However, if you look at the sales results from companies that have used a mobile app to promote their brand and medications, you'll likely find that they have a leg up on the competition. Learn from theses businesses and make the investment.

As so many millennial consumers rely on their phones now for important news and information, your return on investment may be higher than expected. The bottom line is that investing in the ability to advertise through a company mobile app makes it easier for customers to learn about your brand while making your products more accessible.

These are just three of the many marketing trends that have emerged in the last few years that shouldn't be ignored. Improve your advertisements and prepare them for future trends by taking advantage of these popular strategies.