5 ways to enhance your email marketing campaign

5 tips for enhancing your email marketing campaign
5 tips for enhancing your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is an effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers without spending a significant amount of money. However, without the right strategy, it may be challenging to convince people to give you their email addresses or receive a decent number of responses from your target audience. 

To ensure that you're seeing a high return on investment with your email marketing campaign, remember these tips to an effective strategy. 

1. Make collecting emails easy
According to Forbes magazine, one of the simplest methods of gathering a list of interested consumers' addresses is creating a signup page on your company's website. It's also effective to include a link to registration on your social media page, especially if your product targets a younger audience. 

However, it's important that if you do collect addresses this way, you don't require customers to fill out too many fields – if online users are in the process of signing up for emails and see they have to give too much information, they may change their minds. 

2. Personalize emails
MarketingSherpa noted that, of 1,095 marketers surveyed in 2013, 60 percent agree that using email to market products brings in high ROI. To achieve this, you want your customers to respond to emails through an effective call to action. However, viewers aren't going to give your advertisement a second glance if your message isn't relatable or meaningful to them. Thoughtful information that applies to your specific audience is the only way that you're going to catch their attention and get them to respond. 

The report also noted that 48 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices. Therefore, if you're advertising a drug targeted at a younger crowd, including a link to a mobile application could increase the chances that they will be interested in learning more about the product.

3. Keep it concise
Try to give only the information that's necessary to pull your customers in and direct them toward the proper contact. Formatting is also very important, as no one is going to want to read through paragraphs of data to find out about a product. Tools like bullet points and subheadings will make it easier for viewers to sift through the information you've provided and take away what you need them to. 

Don't forget that everything from the colors you use to the type of font the message is written in has an impact on the success of your email campaign. For example, you can catch their attention with attractive colors, but don't go overboard, as too many bold hues can come off as pushy. 

4. Don't undervalue subject lines
Most online users aren't going to even open emails unless the subject line appeals to them. Therefore, it's most effective to include what potential customers are looking for in your product. For example, mentioning the drug's name and a short line about what it provides relief from, such as a headache, will encourage users to open the email. Just be sure that the subject isn't too long – usually lines under 50 characters work best. 

5. Send multiple emails with same messages
Business News Daily suggested sending customers in your mailing list the same message multiple times. This strategy will increase your brand awareness and make viewers familiar with your product and what it can do for them. It's a good idea to include results on how the product has been effective in later emails to prove that the medication works. 

Just be sure to get creative with formatting every time you send out a new email. Switch the subject line around as well so your emails don't come off as redundant.