BulletinHealthcare launches new digital resource for pharma marketers
New digital resource launches for pharma marketers


Pharmaceutical marketers looking for an easy way to stay up to date on the latest industry news now have a new resource they can turn to for assistance. Continue reading

How can you use GIFs to make your ads stand out?
How can GIFs enhance your marketing campaigns?


While your pharmaceutical company may have already taken advantage of the benefits of visuals in its marketing campaigns, it may be time to take your promotions to a whole new level with GIFs. Continue reading

4 tips for boosting patient engagement
4 tips to engaging patients through marketing campaigns


As patients become more involved in their health and the medications they take, pharmaceutical companies are realizing the importance of engaging consumers through advertisements. Continue reading

New bill pushes FDA to update social media guidelines
New bill pushes FDA to issue new social media guidance


A new bill recently introduced to the House Energy and Commerce Committee is working to accelerate the production of a new FDA guidance. Continue reading

Search engines and pharma: How to provide reliable health information
Search engines and pharma: How to provide reliable health information


Patients rely heavily on the Internet to access health information. Continue reading

3 social media marketing mistakes to avoid
3 mistakes to avoid while using social media maketing campaigns


Just as social media can greatly increase awareness of a product, if marketing campaigns aren’t planned out or are executed ineffectively, social media advertisements can also hurt a businesses’ campaign. Continue reading

5 ways to enhance your email marketing campaign
5 tips for enhancing your email marketing campaign


Email marketing is an effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers without spending a significant amount of money. Continue reading

Survey shows online adverts are effective for pharma marketing
Study shows younger adults use online advertisements


A recent survey conducted by AdBlock Plus found that millenials don’t always feel that paid-for content negatively impacts their online experience. Continue reading

FDA’s open-data platform gains thousands of users since launch
FDA's open-data platform gains thousands of users since launch


The openFDA platform provides application programming interfaces that are designed to assist developers in searching for and harnessing device information in reliable and user-friendly ways. Continue reading

What key FDA social media guidelines should marketers remind themselves of?
What key suggestions from FDA guidelines should marketers remember for social media campaigns?


All of the businesses planning to use social media as their next marketing strategies should remember the key suggestions included in the past few guidelines to make sure they’re adhering to the FDA’s standards. Continue reading