FDA to integrate patient perspective into drug review process
FDA to integrate patient centricity into drug review process.


Putting patients at the center of pharma is now extending to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision-making process for reviewing drugs. Continue reading

New bill pushes FDA to update social media guidelines
New bill pushes FDA to issue new social media guidance


A new bill recently introduced to the House Energy and Commerce Committee is working to accelerate the production of a new FDA guidance. Continue reading

Search engines and pharma: How to provide reliable health information
Search engines and pharma: How to provide reliable health information


Patients rely heavily on the Internet to access health information. Continue reading

3 social media marketing mistakes to avoid
3 mistakes to avoid while using social media maketing campaigns


Just as social media can greatly increase awareness of a product, if marketing campaigns aren’t planned out or are executed ineffectively, social media advertisements can also hurt a businesses’ campaign. Continue reading

Does pharma understand how women view health?
Does pharma understand what women want from their medication information?


A new survey shows that pharma marketers may not be as familiar with what women are looking for in medical advertisements as they should be. Continue reading

How can pharma marketers improve medical adherence?
How can pharma marketers improve medication adherence?


Medication adherence among patients is a major problem that doctors, health care providers and pharmaceutical marketers need to work together to improve. Continue reading