Lawmakers issue new draft proposals for sharing off-label data
House lawmakers issue new draft proposals for sharing off-label data


A new discussion draft was issued by House lawmakers in late April proposing several legislative changes that would drastically alter drug development and the delivery processes. Continue reading

4 strategies to market to an older audience
How to market to older adults


As you create advertisements that appeal to your target audiences, it’s essential to keep in mind that older and younger consumers sometimes have varying preferences and will be drawn in by different strategies. Continue reading

5 ways to enhance your email marketing campaign
5 tips for enhancing your email marketing campaign


Email marketing is an effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers without spending a significant amount of money. Continue reading

Survey shows online adverts are effective for pharma marketing
Study shows younger adults use online advertisements


A recent survey conducted by AdBlock Plus found that millenials don’t always feel that paid-for content negatively impacts their online experience. Continue reading

Are pharma marketers finally jumping on the social media bandwagon?
Pharma marketers are jumping on the social media bandwagon


A recent report from Ogilvy Healthworld has found that the number of pharma tweets and followers has grown significantly in recent years, suggesting that participation in social media marketing is quickly growing. Continue reading

4 tips to integrate direct and digital marketing techniques
4 tips to enhancing your integrated marketing campaigns


How can pharma businesses efficiently integrate digital and direct marketing strategies? Continue reading

Survey shows pharma marketers must improve patient centricity
Survey shows pharma companies must improve patient centricity


The patient perspective is having an increasingly important role in the way pharmaceutical companies advertise their products. Continue reading

FDA’s open-data platform gains thousands of users since launch
FDA's open-data platform gains thousands of users since launch


The openFDA platform provides application programming interfaces that are designed to assist developers in searching for and harnessing device information in reliable and user-friendly ways. Continue reading

The benefits of storytelling as a pharma marketing strategy
How storytelling can enhance pharma marketing


Many companies are turning to the art of storytelling as a way to make their ads more relatable and memorable for consumers. Continue reading