3 pharma marketing trends to look for in 2015
3 trends pharma companies should expect in 2015


Many experts in the pharmaceutical industry have predicted trends that could emerge in 2015. Continue reading

Congress proposal may allow drugmakers to share off-label data
Congress proposes allowing drugmakers to share off-label data


Congress has announced a new proposal that would permit pharmaceutical companies to share with doctors, researchers and insurers what is considered off-label information about their drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Continue reading

How can pharma businesses achieve patient centricity?
How can pharma companies create patient-centered ads?


Customers are more involved in their own health and respond best to pharma marketing campaigns that enable them to engage with the company and have more control over the drugs they buy. Continue reading

DTC spending climbs in 2014
DTC spending soars in 2014


With DTC advertising, drugs no longer need to be promoted exclusively to health care professionals, who were, at one point, expected to interpret drug information for their patients. Continue reading

What key FDA social media guidelines should marketers remind themselves of?
What key suggestions from FDA guidelines should marketers remember for social media campaigns?


All of the businesses planning to use social media as their next marketing strategies should remember the key suggestions included in the past few guidelines to make sure they’re adhering to the FDA’s standards. Continue reading

FDA calls for enhanced patient engagement in drug development, marketing strategies
Enhanced patient engagement required necessary for better products


Disease awareness and patient engagement are starting to become important aspects of research for drug development, in addition to the marketing stage. Continue reading

Avoid these 4 common direct mail marketing errors
Avoid these 4 common direct mail marketing mistakes


To ensure that its direct mail strategies are as effective as its online advertisements, a business should make sure that it avoids these four common mistakes. Continue reading

Majority of US patients seek wearables to monitor health
Majority of U.S. patients seek wearables to monitor health


A recent survey found that a strong preference for health management devices may apply not just to the younger population, but to all ages. Continue reading

How can marketers create user-friendly ads?
How can marketers make their ads more consumer-friendly?


Marketers should take note of the importance of using consumer-friendly language in pharmaceutical advertisements. Continue reading