What are the advantages of integrating direct mail and online marketing?
What are the benefits or integrating online marketing and direct mail?


When deciding whether email or direct mail marketing strategies will work best for your company, remember these facts. Continue reading

FDA releases new draft guidelines for DTC advertising
FDA releases new draft guidelines for DTC marketing


The Food and Drug Administration has recently issued guidelines to make direct-to-consumer ads more readable.  Continue reading

4 tips on marketing with social media
How to use social media to market in the pharma industry


Companies shouldn’t ignore the great popularity of social media or they’ll miss out on an opportunity to get their name and their products out there. Continue reading

How can pharma marketers cater to millennial consumers?
How can pharma marketers cater to the millennial generation?


Study shows that the millennial generation sees mental health as essential to achieving good overall well-being.  Continue reading

How can pharma successfully implement a multichannel marketing strategy?
Multichannel approach: The key to successful pharma marketing


During a time when technology is continuously progressing, it’s important that pharmaceutical companies are taking the proper steps to keep up with new marketing strategies. Continue reading

How can enhanced mobile customer experience benefit pharma?
How can mobile apps benefit pharma?


Contact Solutions recently published a report entitled “Mobile Spend in 2015″ that showed just how serious consumers take mobile customer service. Continue reading