Guidelines for antibiotics and Lyme disease may be based on flawed studies
Researchers suggest the recommendations for antibiotics and Lyme disease are misguided by flawed studies.


Researchers from Brown University concluded that the clinical trials that informed current medical guidelines for the use of antibiotics in Lyme disease patients may have been flawed. Continue reading

Research demonstrates effectiveness of renal denervation
Renal denervation may be effective for hypertension.


A team of scientists conducted an experiment that demonstrated how renal denervation may effectively treat chronically high blood pressure among patients who do not respond to other therapies. Continue reading

Epilepsy medication may treat chronic cough
An epilepsy medication may treat refractory chronic cough.


Gabapentin, a drug used to treat epilepsy, may be effective against refractory chronic cough, a finding that may impact the pharmaceutical marketing of this anticonvulsant. Continue reading

Report: Oncology is the most restricted specialty to reps
Oncologists are the most restricted medical specialists to pharmaceutical sales representatives.


A new report compiled by global sales and marketing consulting firm ZS Associates indicates that oncology is the most restricted medical specialty to pharmaceutical sales representatives. Continue reading

Scientists explain how deep-brain stimulation treats essential tremor
An experiment demonstrates how deep-brain stimulation treats essential tremor and Parkinson's disease.


Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted an experiment that may help explain how deep-brain stimulation (DBS) can effectively treat Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor (ET). Continue reading

Vitamin B3 contains hidden mechanism to fight antibiotic-resistant pathogens
Vitamin B3 may activate a gene that stimulates the immune system.


Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discovered that the nicotinamide form of vitamin B3 may stimulate an immune system response that can more effectively fight methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections. Continue reading

Anti-estrogen therapy may relieve breast symptoms in prostate cancer patients
Tamoxifen may reduce breast symptoms among prostate cancer patients on androgen suppression therapy.


A new study reveals that the anti-estrogen medication tamoxifen may help alleviate breast pain and enlargement in prostate cancer patients who undergo androgen-suppression therapy. Continue reading

Two anti-clotting drugs may be equally effective
Two anti-clotting drugs may be equally effective.


There are few differences in effectiveness between prasugrel and clopidogrel, two medications that help prevent the formation of unhealthy blood clots. Continue reading

Researchers link antibiotics to obesity
Antibiotics may be linked to obesity.


In the interest of revealing the effects of long-term exposure to antibiotics, researchers from the New York University Langone Medical Center completed a study that suggests a link between antibiotic exposure and obesity. Continue reading

Minnesota senators campaign for efficiency in medical device approvals
Senators from Minnesota spoke to the FDA on the behalf of the state's medical device industry.


U.S. Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota invited Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Margaret Hamburg to meet with them and medical device manufacturers in their state in order to discuss ways of improving the efficiency with which new products become commercially available. Continue reading