Survey: Social media may influence one-third of consumers’ medication decisions
About 34 percent of consumers surveyed said that social media may influence their decisions about medications.


A survey conducted by Health Research Institute, a division of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), suggests that social media may have a powerful influence on consumers’ healthcare decisions, as reported by InPharm. Continue reading

New drugs, shifts in medication usage drive changes in spending for 2011
There were 34 new molecular entities that hit the American pharmaceutical market in 2011.


A survey conducted by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics reveals that medication usage habits have shifted for different age groups, driven in part by the Affordable Care Act and patients’ tendencies to ration their care. Continue reading

Gender disparity in heart drugs presents a pharmaceutical marketing opportunity
Women are less likely than men to receive prescriptions for heart medications.


A study conducted by Medco Health Solutions reveals several disparities in prescribing practices for male and female patients, as reported by FiercePharma. One gender gap that may present a new pharmaceutical marketing opportunity concerns prescriptions for various heart medications. Continue reading

Social media may provide a platform for market research
Social media may provide platform for market research


When it comes to pharmaceutical marketing, the realm of social media may be seen as a minefield of sorts. However, the value of this tool cannot be overlooked, especially since it may provide a channel for non-traditional market research. Continue reading

Digital landscape comes with new considerations for data analytics
The increasing digitization of business practices is changing the nature of data analytics.


The pharmaceutical industry is no different than any other business in the sense that the return on investment (ROI) is of utmost importance when gauging marketing needs. However, as the world becomes more digitized, data analytics comes with a new set of challenges. Continue reading

Patient adherence is becoming a more prominent consideration in pharmaceutical marketing
Pharmaceutical companies are spending more money on patient adherence efforts.


Between 2009 and 2012, pharmaceutical marketing budgets for patient adherence efforts increased by at least 400 percent in the U.S., Canada and Europe, according to a report compiled by Cutting Edge Information. Continue reading

Pharmaceutical executives are shifting their focus toward digital marketing
Mobile devices are influencing the way pharmaceutical companies gear digital marketing to healthcare providers.


A survey conducted by National Analysts Worldwide, in collaboration with Booz & Company, indicates that pharmaceutical executives throughout Europe and the U.S. plan to increase their budget allocations for digital marketing, as reported by Medical Marketing & Media. Continue reading

Rare diseases present an opportunity for pharmaceutical marketing and development
The economic considerations for the development of orphan drugs have shifted.


Although rare diseases translate to small customer bases, these conditions present unique opportunities for pharmaceutical marketing and drug development for both large and small manufacturers, according to Medical Marketing & Media. Continue reading

Digital marketing, other tools shift ROI of direct-to-consumer advertising
Digital marketing helped shift the ROI of direct-to-consumer advertising.


Pharmaceutical consulting firm Cutting Edge Information released a report that stated that direct-to-consumer advertising has a lower ROI than other marketing efforts. This trend is due in part to digital marketing, social media and physician assistance programs. Continue reading